About Us

About Us

When my first born son started preschool in 2010/2011, I joined the preschool executive team as the Fundraiser Coordinator. I would organize parent 2 parent sales and partner up with other day cares and preschools in my community. With all the help from our parent volunteers our sales were a great success. I stayed on as an executive member for the preschool.

I heard about this Parent Bazaar parent 2 parent sales. Who would ever thought to rent a large space in hopes of bringing in larger crowds. I became a parent vendor at the Ancaster Parent Bazaar sale/show and this is when I met Laurie. I loved the idea of not being crammed in a church basement and I was hooked.

My daughter started preschool, I became a member of the executive team as the Fundraiser Coordinator for 2014/2015 and again for 2015/2016. I came up with the idea of having a Baked goods and beverage table at the Ancaster Parent Bazaar sale. The parents would do some baking at home and I would sell it at the sale/show to help raise funds for the preschool.

Laurie was very accommodating and a pleasure to work with. I continued on selling at the Ancaster Parent Bazaar show/sale with the Bake goods and also as a parent vendor. When my daughter started school, Laurie asked if I would be interested in running a sale/show myself. This is how I became the Ancaster & Brantford Parent Bazaar organizer. I have organized many sales/shows in my lifetime.

“It is a lot of work, but if you like people and kids and want to create a great community resource that families look forward to year after year then The Parent Bazaar Sale/show can be a wonderful turn-key tool. It is also a lot of fun too.”